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If you have a career or participate in a sport that requires repetitive movements with your elbow, you have an increased risk of painful injuries. If you have elbow pain that persists for more than a few days, Kristopher Downing, MD, & Dr. James Andry, MD at Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group can help. The doctors and staff at Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group provide highly customized, expert diagnosis and treatment to repair your elbow and help you get back to your regular activities. Call the San Diego, La Jolla, Chula Vista, and Coronado California offices or make an appointment online today.

Elbow Injuries Q & A

What are common elbow injuries?

Some of the most common elbow injuries include tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and bursitis. They’re all caused by repetitive movements that irritate the tendons and cushioning tissue in your elbow, leading to inflammation, stiffness, and pain. 

Other painful elbow conditions and injuries include:

  •       Osteoarthritis
  •       Fractures
  •       Dislocations
  •       Endoscopic Cubital tunnel release

Your cubital tunnel is a narrow opening on the inside of your elbow. Your ulnar nerve passes through this tunnel as it extends from your neck, through your arm, and into your hand. 

When your ulnar nerve is compressed or damaged, it causes sensations similar to when you hit your “funny bone,” including sharp, shooting pain, tingling, and weakness in your forearm and hand.

When should I talk to a doctor about elbow pain?

If you have an acute elbow injury, contact Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group right away for expert orthopedic care. You should also make an appointment if you have elbow pain that doesn’t subside after a couple of days of rest. 

Prompt medical attention is also necessary if you have numbness, weakness, or lose the ability to grasp or hold an object in your hands.

What treatments are available for elbow injuries?

At Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group, Dr. Downing and the team offer a comprehensive range of operative and nonoperative treatments for all types of elbow injuries. 

Before recommending any treatment, your doctor performs a thorough exam that may include X-rays, MRIs, and nerve conduction studies to diagnose the condition causing your pain and pinpoint the problem.

In many cases, the doctors try nonoperative treatments to treat your elbow injury such as rest, immobilization with a brace, or injections to reduce inflammation. They also offer reparative therapies such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and lipoaspirate mesenchymal stromal cell therapy to boost and accelerate your body’s healing response. 

Reparative medicine treatment options are also offered to augment surgical treatment options that may improve the chances of successful pain relief and improved function.

However, if less invasive treatments do not effectively relieve your pain and heal your elbow, the doctors may suggest a surgical procedure to repair your elbow. For example, they offer minimally invasive surgical procedures, including endoscopic cubital tunnel release and arthroscopy, for internal joint problems. . 

They also offer elbow joint replacement procedures and can place devices such as internal joint hinges for severe elbow arthritis from wear and tear or subsequent to severe elbow trauma. The team has some of the few orthopedic surgeons who perform elbow replacement surgery. 

If you have an elbow injury or live with elbow pain, call Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group or make an appointment online today.