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You might not think about how much you rely on your shoulders, but when you have a shoulder injury and can’t reach to get something out of the fridge or lift your arm, you want to get help immediately. Kristopher Downing, MD, & Dr. James Andry, MD at Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group in San Diego, La Jolla, Chula Vista, and Coronado California, diagnose shoulder injuries and offer innovative, customized treatment plans to repair and heal your shoulder injury so you can get back to your regular activities. Call Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group or schedule a consultation online today for expert treatment for shoulder injuries.

Shoulder Injuries Q & A

What are common shoulder injuries?

Your shoulders are the most mobile joints in your body. They rely on a complex network of bone, tendon, and muscle to facilitate such a wide range of motion, and as a result, they are vulnerable to injuries. Some common shoulder problems include:

  •       Instability
  •       Impingement
  •       Rotator cuff tears
  •       Arthritis
  •       Tendonitis
  •       Bursitis 
  •       Fractures 

You may suffer an acute or traumatic shoulder injury while playing a sport or during an automobile collision. However, many shoulder injuries stem from repetitive motions that accelerate the wear and tear on your shoulder. 

For example, athletes such as swimmers, tennis players, baseball players, and weightlifters are often vulnerable to shoulder injuries. 

What are the signs of a shoulder injury?

Many shoulder injuries develop slowly, so you might not notice a problem until you experience shoulder pain or find that your range of motion is limited. You might feel like your shoulder is loose or that the top of your upper arm bone might pop or slide out of its socket. Other signs of a shoulder injury include stiffness or weakness, or numb, tingling sensations in your arms and hands. 

You should make an appointment at Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group if you have shoulder pain or other symptoms that persist for more than a couple of days. 

How are shoulder injuries treated?

At Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group, the team offers an all-encompassing shoulder service addressing all shoulder problems from acute injuries to degenerative conditions. They offer nonoperative and surgical treatments for shoulder problems, including:

  •       Immobilization and compression
  •       Medication
  •       Anti-inflammatory injections
  •       Reparative orthopedics
  •       Shoulder instability procedures
  •       Bone-preserving shoulder arthroplasty
  •       Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
  •       Total shoulder replacement

Also, the Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group team stands out among orthopedic surgeons because they offer superior capsular reconstruction and revision shoulder replacement procedures. 

Physical therapy is a critical part of orthopedic shoulder treatments. It helps you protect your strength and flexibility during and after your other procedures. The doctors and their team are committed to helping you recover quickly and safely so you can get back to your regular activities. 

If you have a shoulder injury or another painful condition, call Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group or make an appointment online today for expert orthopedic treatment.