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When to See a Specialist About Shoulder Pain

Are you living with shoulder pain? Whether it’s the result of an injury or it’s developed over the years, shoulder pain shouldn’t be ignored. Find out when to consider seeing a shoulder pain specialist so you can get the treatment you need.

Dec 1st, 2021
Signs of a Torn Rotator Cuff

Your rotator cuff stabilizes your shoulder joint. Unfortunately, rotator cuff injuries are a common type of shoulder injury among people of all ages. Read on to learn the signs of a torn rotator cuff and find out how it can be treated.

Nov 1st, 2021
Endoscopic cubital tunnel release

Persistent ulnar neuritis, cubital tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow treated by endoscopic cubital tunnel release compared to open techniques may prove favorable in select patients.

Oct 11th, 2021
5 Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery

If you receive orthopedic surgery, chances are good that you’ll have physical therapy during recovery. Physical therapy is important, because it can help you heal faster and reduce your risk for reinjury. Read on to learn more.

Oct 1st, 2021
What to Expect During Wide-Awake Hand or Wrist Surgery

The thought of surgery can be scary. But if pain and injury is keeping you from using your hands like you once did, it could be the best option for you. Find out why wide-awake hand and wrist surgery is growing in popularity — and how it works.

Sep 5th, 2021
How Your Own Fat Can Improve Your Orthopedic Issues

If you have an orthopedic injury, and traditional conservative care hasn’t helped, surgery may not be your only option. Find out how Lipogems® — a revolutionary therapy that puts your own fat to work — might be able to give you the healing you need.

Aug 3rd, 2021
Tips for Returning to Sports After a Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are common, and the path to recovery can look uncertain. Choosing a sports medicine specialist means you’ll get expert guidance from the first steps of healing to returning to the game. Get our best tips here.

Jun 14th, 2021
How Successful is Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Chronic shoulder pain and restricted mobility can limit your life. But, is it time to consider shoulder replacement surgery? Pain-free shoulder function could be yours with this popular joint replacement procedure that boasts a high success rate.

Apr 12th, 2021
The Different Kinds of Fractures

A fracture, which is a broken bone, can range from a hairline crack to a severe break. Read on to learn how bones break and the most common types of fractures.

Feb 9th, 2021
How to Avoid a Shoulder Sprain

As your most mobile joints, your shoulders are at risk for sprains. A sprain is a stretched or torn ligament, and it can happen almost anywhere in your body. Learn how to protect your shoulders and what you can do if you get hurt.

Jan 14th, 2021
Innovative Lipogems: A Natural Alternative to Surgery

Do you have joint pain and soft tissue injuries? Have conservative methods failed to help, but you don’t want to undergo invasive surgery? The Lipogems® system — which harnesses the healing properties of your own fat — may be able to help.

Dec 9th, 2020
Leading Causes of Elbow Pain

Are you trying to get to the bottom of your elbow pain? There could be several things to blame. Fortunately, your symptoms could offer a few clues. Keep reading to learn more.

Nov 9th, 2020
What's Involved in Regenerative Orthopedics?

Regenerative therapies tap into your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Read on to learn what’s involved with two popular regenerative treatments: platelet-rich plasma therapy and lipoaspirate therapy.

Oct 7th, 2020
4 Treatment Options for Hand Injuries

Maybe you caught yourself during a fall and now your hand is swollen and painful. Or maybe you have pain and stiffness from arthritis. From at-home care tips to professional care, learn about your treatment options.

Sep 8th, 2020
The Healing Power of Platelets

Regenerative medicine is growing in popularity, and for good reason. Learn how platelet-rich plasma therapy uses platelets — elements from your own blood — to enhance recovery and speed healing naturally.

Aug 19th, 2020
Recognizing the Signs of Shoulder Instability

Do you regularly suffer shoulder dislocations? Does your shoulder often feel loose or weak? You could have chronic shoulder instability. Read on to learn how to recognize the signs of this common condition and how you can treat it.

Jul 22nd, 2020
Get Back to Your Life More Quickly Through Accelerated Rehab

Have you suffered an injury but can’t wait to get back to your active lifestyle? Accelerated rehabilitation could be for you. Focused on restoring mobility by speeding healing, accelerated rehab brings the benefits of traditional methods without the wait.

Jun 25th, 2020
When a Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty is the Best Option

A traditional arthroplasty can successfully treat a shoulder ravaged by arthritis. But, if you have a rotator cuff tear to boot, a traditional shoulder replacement may not work. In these cases, a reverse shoulder arthroplasty may be your best option.

May 8th, 2020
That Pain in Your Biceps Could be the Result of a Tendon Injury

It’s normal for muscles to be sore after a workout. But, if you have lingering pain in one of your biceps that’s keeping you from your favorite activities, it could be a tendon injury. Read on to learn about biceps tendonitis and biceps tendon tears.

Apr 20th, 2020
Elbow Replacements: They're More Common Than Ever

Joint replacement surgery replaces damaged bone and tissue with a prosthetic joint. If you have elbow pain from arthritis or an injury, an elbow replacement could be a good solution. Read on to learn more.

Mar 9th, 2020
The Many Advantages of Wide Awake Hand Surgery (WALANT)

Would you raise an eyebrow at the thought of staying awake during hand surgery? The fact is, more and more surgeons are praising the benefits of using local anesthesia for hand surgery. Read on to find out why it’s growing in popularity.

Jan 1st, 2020
What to Expect When Undergoing Shoulder Replacement Surgery

If your shoulder has severe arthritis or joint damage from an injury, shoulder replacement surgery can relieve your pain and help you maintain an active lifestyle. Read on to learn about shoulder replacement surgery from start to finish.

Dec 1st, 2019
4 Remedies for Elbow Injuries to Try Before Surgery

An elbow injury can make it difficult or impossible to enjoy your favorite activities or perform your work. If you have an elbow injury, don’t ignore the pain. Find out about the nonsurgical options available to heal your injury and relieve pain.

Nov 1st, 2019
Bilateral (Both Wrists) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

Bilateral (both sides) endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery is safe and effective and allows for independent return to activities of daily living, light work and hobbies with shorter recovery times than unilateral (one side) staged surgery

Oct 9th, 2019
When is Surgery Necessary for Relieving Carpal Tunnel Pain?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an extreme condition that limits hand function, causing pain in the wrist, hand, and fingers. It doesn’t go away on its own and only gets worse over time. Find out when to consider surgery for lasting relief.

Sep 26th, 2019