4 Remedies for Elbow Injuries to Try Before Surgery

Elbow injuries take a variety of forms. Some can cause radiating, sharp pain down your arm to your hand that feels like hitting your funny bone. Other injuries cause a dull, constant ache and joint stiffness.

Injuries affecting your elbow can make it difficult to perform your work or enjoy your favorite recreational activities. Many people suffer elbow injury from repeated motions that irritate tendons and connective tissue over time, but most shudder at the thought of elbow surgery to relieve their pain. 

If you’ve suffered an elbow injury, let us help. From physical therapy to regenerative medicine, the expert providers at Upper Extremity Specialists, a member of Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Medical Group, offer a variety of orthopedic treatments help you find relief from pain and get you on the road to recovery from elbow injury.

Our team is experienced in diagnosing and treating common elbow injuries from overuse and repetitive motions with work or recreational activities as well as conditions like fractures, dislocation, and osteoarthritis. We conduct a comprehensive exam, talk to you about your symptoms, and then recommend a treatment plan for you.

Here, we cover our top four nonsurgical treatments for elbow injuries.

Physical therapy for elbow injury

One of the most common treatment options for joint injuries and pain is physical therapy. Physical therapy includes guided stretches, exercises, and movements that focus on building strength and flexibility in the injured area.

Physical therapy helps prevent muscle loss during recovery from an injury, and it can even reduce your risk of suffering future injuries. For many patients, we recommend physical therapy in combination with other treatments to quickly and safely return you to your daily activities.

Laser treatment for elbow injury

Our upper extremity experts may recommend noninvasive laser treatment to speed healing and treat your elbow injury. We use multiwave locked system (MLS) lasers to improve joint function and treat pain due to injury.

MLS laser treatment delivers two wavelengths of energy, both low-frequency and high-frequency, to stimulate your body’s natural healing ability. This treatment boosts circulation in the affected area, which gives it more oxygen and nutrients. MLS laser therapy promotes soft tissue repair and reduces inflammation to help your injury heal faster.

Regenerative medicine for elbow injury

Similar to MLS laser treatment, regenerative medicine taps into your body’s innate healing power to speed recovery from elbow injury. Our team offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and lipoaspirate stem cell therapy, both popular regenerative treatment options.

PRP injections use a solution derived from your own blood that contains hundreds of growth factors that can stimulate rapid tissue repair. Lipoaspirate stem cell therapy uses stem cells and growth factors from excess fat to rebuild cartilage and bone in the damaged area.

Medication for elbow injury

For some people, medication helps relieve pain and inflammation so surgery isn’t necessary. Anti-inflammatory medicines are available as oral tablets or injections, and they can be a great option in combination with other treatments like physical therapy.

If you have an elbow injury, surgery isn’t your only option for lasting pain relief. Turn to our experts at Synergy Orthopedic Specialists for comprehensive elbow injury care and rehabilitation. Call us today or book your first appointment online.

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