How Your Own Fat Can Improve Your Orthopedic Issues

How Your Own Fat Can Improve Your Orthopedic Issues

Orthopedic injuries take many forms, and suffering from one can limit your life. The term “orthopedic” refers to the skeletal system and the associated ligaments, muscles, and joints.

Maybe you suffered a ligament tear playing your favorite sport. Or maybe you have osteoarthritis, and you’ve noticed that joint pain is getting worse. Or maybe you got injured years ago and the pain never really went away.

While there are lots of treatment options available, many conservative therapies can be ineffective, and surgery can come with a lot of downtime. The good news is these aren’t your only options. Lipogems® is an FDA-cleared reparative therapy that harnesses the natural power of your own fat cells to improve orthopedic conditions.

Kristopher Downing, MD, and Daniel Brereton, DO, of Upper Extremity Specialists, which is a part of Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Medical Group, specialize in treating patients with Lipogems. This treatment, which is nonsurgical and takes about one hour in the office, could eliminate or delay the need for surgery.

The power of fat cells

You may be surprised to learn that adipose tissue, or fat, is some of the highest-quality tissue found in the human body. It contains up to 500 times more reparative cells than other tissue, and it has the power to stimulate healing in the body without prescription drugs or invasive surgery.

The Lipogems process involves making a tiny puncture with a needle-like device in your midsection or love handles to extract a small amount of fat cells. Then, using the Lipogems system, we remove any contaminants and resize the fat cells into smaller clusters. Finally, we inject the processed cells into the injured area to promote healing.

The cells then help cushion damaged tissue and support your body’s natural healing process. Over time, the cells can help repair and reconstruct tissue, which could help you avoid or delay the need for orthopedic surgery.

Conditions Lipogems can treat

Lipogems is an alternative therapy for orthopedic injury. We might recommend Lipogems for shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand injuries that haven’t responded well conservative treatments. You may be a candidate for Lipogems if you have pain and other symptoms associated with:

Lipogems could help you avoid or delay the need for orthopedic surgery. However, if you do need reparative surgery, using Lipogems during recovery could improve your outcome.

Plus, the quality of your fat tissue doesn’t change as you get older. That means Lipogems could be effective for you whether you’re a teen athlete with a sports injury or a senior dealing with arthritis.

Are you interested in a minimally invasive, drug-free therapy for orthopedic pain and injury? The Lipogems system may be able to help you. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Upper Extremity Specialists today.

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